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The implementation of the information contained in The Garage workshop is immediately essential to the growth and long-term success of any dealership. I truly believe that fixed ops are the backbone of any dealership. It is up to us to reclaim what we have turned away regarding service and give our sales departments the ability to survive the challenging years ahead. Thanks to you, Bruce, Jim and everyone who made this truly valuable workshop possible.

Daniel Samford
Service Director
Brew Honda

I was impressed with The Garage workshop. I didn't feel like I was being "talked to". The information was relevant and presented in such a way that you couldn't help but ask why was something so simple not thought of before. Something like an "ah ha" moment. You're like the guy who invented the paper clip or post-it note. How on earth did we do without them for so long? I was not only given the information needed to implement the program, but the tools (in the way of worksheets and supplier information).

The only way this program wouldn't work is if you didn't do it.

Vicki Heibel
Service & Parts Manager
Port Lavaca Ford

We have been planning The Garage concept for a year now waiting for our new building to get finished, so this workshop came up at the perfect time. The content of the workshop has been excellent and has allowed me to get much more organized before installation of The Garage. It has also changed my mind on some of the needs for The Garage concept. We will be installing The Garage concept within the next 30 days, and I feel that I am much more prepared for that installation after attending this workshop.

Thanks for putting on this seminar, it has been very rewarding.

Bob Fischer
Service & Parts Director
Jon Lancaster Toyota

I feel that the class was well worth the investment. I was impressed with the class content and more importantly the presentation and delivery of that material. Thanks for your efforts and information. Looking forward to a continued relationship.

Chris Haderlie
Service Manager
Teton Motors

The idea of dealers running shops like the Independents do is great. The Excel work sheets are a fantastic way to track almost anything. After the initial set-up ( I am still at novice level) they are very efficient and “Fun for the whole family”.  

I can honestly say that I took away more useful information and tools from this workshop than any other work shop I have attended!

David Rosenfeld
Carland Service Center

The class was great! The aftermarket guys were very honest and forthright – I appreciated their candor.

Having Bruce Gamble and Jim Richter there was fantastic! What a great wealth of knowledge and experience you are fortunate to draw from.

Brian Millhuff
Parts and Service Director
Brien Ford - Mitsubishi

I’m sure that the situations have always been right in front of us and unfortunately we probably have been ignoring them all these years. But I must admit that since returning to the dealership on Tuesday I have experienced no less than 4 situations where an aftermarket parts price was the issue and made the difference in making or not making a repair. Ed I do believe that you where right on mark with this whole “Garage” mentality tactic. This could really change the perception (of dealerships) in the market place and right in our very own backyards. I just wanted to pass along my recent experiences and say that I think my mind is a lot more open to this than it was 7 days ago.

Thank you,
William D. Perry, Jr.
Service Manager
Ferman Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge at Cypress Creek

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